Our mission

With passion and the highest level of competence.

We, the DiHAG Integrated Foundry Group, unite eight traditional and state-of-the-art foundries under one roof. Together we are committed to one task: your business success – for a modern, high-performance and mobile world!

To achieve this, we are continuously working on the development and improvement of our innovative cast products – for the highest quality, greatest flexibility and perfection in detail. That is why we are focusing on consistent growth and a significant increase in turnover, today and in the future.

Our claim to offer you the best product solutions worldwide can only be achieved together with our employees and our management. Our team at our locations works on your product every day with passion and the highest level of competence.

You can trust us, a high-performance, diversified and integrated group of companies that is on the move for numerous application areas in different markets.

Our company goals

This is how we secure and increase your business success!

  • Technology leadership with the highest quality and greatest flexibility
  • Perfection in detail
  • Stable sales and growth in the present and future due to high diversification across almost all industries and without significant dependence on individual customers
  • Stable financial position due to high equity ratio and privately owned Group property

Our group

Shared strength for world-leading product solutions.

We stand for consistency

Customers worldwide trust our proven product solutions and our extensive expertise for sophisticated casting solutions.

We guarantee the best experience, excellent quality standards and high reliability for the entire value chain. Our know-how, which has grown over the centuries, extends from the idea to the design to the finishing of the castings.

We strengthen our performance

As a customer of our group of companies, you benefit from the concentrated know-how transfer and flexible cooperation between our DiHAG companies.

In this way, new ideas and solutions are constantly being developed. Together, the group uses synergies in investment planning, material procurement and market development. The customers of the DiHAG Group thus have a very broad and highly developed overall offering at their disposal. The current 8 foundries are being continuously expanded. We are investing both in state-of-the-art production technology and in highly qualified employees.

We grow with vision

As a financially strong, diversified and integrated group, we will continue to invest in the equipment of our plants and in the training of our employees.

The intelligent sector mix leads to constant turnover and thus comparatively high financial stability. Furthermore, we do not manufacture products in the automotive powertrain sector and are thus not affected by the technological shift towards electric mobility. We supply our products worldwide and are represented in Europe and North America as well as in emerging countries worldwide. Our customers from all over the world can rely on our proven excellent quality and 100% delivery reliability.

Our portfolio

Diversity and flexibility

Our 8 foundries produce almost every casting product in the iron and steel casting sector.

In addition, we offer iron and steel products manufactured in ingot moulds. Here, we mainly produce rolls and ingot moulds for steelworks and other applications. We have therefore divided our range into four divisions:

Machine mould casting

Iron casting up to 500 kg by machine moulding

Hand mould casting

Iron casting from 500 kg through semi-automatic and hand-made moulding

Cast steel

Products from 1 kg to 10 t unit weight

Gravity die casting

Mould-bonded iron and steel castings

Export markets

The intelligent sector mix and the resulting stable turnover enable us to open up new geographical markets and thus continue to grow. The greatest growth potential is in Eastern Europe, Ukraine and North America.


Stable and safe!

Our diversified orientation makes us independent of possible economic crises of individual client companies. Thus, approx. 75 % of our clients generate a proportionate turnover of max. 2 %. This keeps us stable and secure in the market in the long term.

Annual turnover by division

Annual turnover according to sectors


Hundreds of years of experience and

DiHAG was formed in the 1990s through the purchase of various foundries. In 2021, Alexandr Petrov acquired the group together with the managing director Viktor Babushchak and recapitalised it extensively. DiHAG is managed as an integrated group by the new shareholder.

Eisengießerei Meuselwitz

Foundry experience and know-how since 1876

Walzen und Handformguss Coswig

Foundry experience and know-how since 1892

Schmiedeberger Gießerei

Foundry experience and know-how since 1412

Lintorfer Eisengießerei

Foundry experience and know-how since 1909

Stahl- und Hartgusswerk Bösdorf

Foundry experience and know-how since 1894

Eisenwerk Arnstadt

Foundry experience and know-how since 1921

Eurometall Kft., Budapest

Foundry experience and know-how since 1903


A tradition in rail transport since 1901

Start together.

Do you have an idea for a product? Or are you looking for a manufacturer who will cast your components into shape? Then you will find our contact persons here.

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