Hydraulics and fittings

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Lifting heavy objects, moving large machines or innovative ideas for sanitary and piping technology – hydraulic systems and fittings are becoming increasingly demanding. Hydraulic components must be able to withstand a lot, be low-wear and pressure-tight.
Components for fittings should also reliably support the modification and control of material flows, be corrosion-resistant and low-maintenance.

Our foundries work daily to meet these requirements and beyond. Thus, our team already supports you in the design phase to guarantee you a product of economical and best quality.


Components for hydraulics and fittings

Hydraulic pump housing

Hydraulic motor housing

Connection plates

Valve plates

Swivel cradles

Manhole cover

Hydrant elements

Valve body

Casting mould

Machine mould casting

Hand mould casting

Casting type

Grey cast iron

Ductile iron

Malleable cast iron

Your advantages:

  • Casting production from the design phase to the ready-to-install casting from a single source

  • Continuous further development of product quality

  • Fittings made of different materials, e.g. P10, P14, GG20, GG25 and GG30

  • Advice on the use of materials

  • Permanent control of the individual manufacturing steps


Start together.

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  • Giuseppe Grasso

    Group Director Sales

    DiHAG Integrated Foundry Group

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